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How We Work

Unless otherwise specified, we use the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster as editing standards. We have experience editing for British, Canadian and Australian English as well.

We request that files be sent in MS Word, and we will track revisions. You will always have a choice in accepting our edits. We believe your book is yours — and we honor that, polishing your work and putting the final decisions in your hands.

Developmental Editing

This detailed, in-depth process aims to help authors flesh out the best story possible. Developmental editing requires the editor and author to examine all elements of the manuscript chapter by chapter (or even page by page) — addressing problematic characterization, inconsistencies, and plot gaps, while also looking at phrasing, structure, style, and more. This is a great option for newer authors who are still fine-tuning their voice and writing skills. Because developmental editing includes lengthy review and frequent communication, we will work with you to develop a plan that addresses your goals and timeframe prior to starting any project.

Cost: $.022 and up

Manuscript Critique

With an editorial assessment, we'll read through your entire manuscript in order to provide big picture, broad feedback on a multitude of areas including plot, characterization, pacing, consistency, and style. The assessment will outline your book's strengths and weaknesses before making recommendations for revision options. Because this type of review often suggests large-scale changes, this should be one of the first steps on the editing path. An editorial assessment does not include line or copy edits. You'll receive a several-paged report on our observations and suggestions to give you a place to get started in addressing big picture revisions.

Cost: $450 and up

Free Sample Edit

The relationship between editor and author is extremely important. So before we start on any project, we begin with a free, 1,000 word sample edit. Based on what you share with us, we will recommend the level of editing that will most benefit your story. Our sample feedback will also help you determine if we are the right editors for the job. 

Line Editing

Line edits focus on flaws in and opportunities with style, flow, and use of language at the sentence and paragraph level. This stage of editing is normally completed after a critique or developmental edit, and before proofreading and layout. One pass of line editing may include:

  • Recommendations or minor suggested rephrasing to improve clarity or enhance meaning
  • Identification of redundancies and repeated word or phrase usage
  • Suggestions intended to “tighten” sections of dialogue, exposition, etc., to produce optimal focus
  • Flags for stilted language, tonal shifts, pacing issues, and more
  • Short summary of developmental notes and possible technical issues
Cost: $.014 and up


A final editorial review of your manuscript after issues with style, flow, and technical aspects have been addressed. This minimal edit should be the last step before layout and publication. One pass of proofreading may include corrections to:

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other low-level technical errors
  • Repetitive word usage
  • Minor sentence structure issues that need clarification
  • Short summary of additional identified issues
Cost: $.011 and up for copyediting, $.009 and up for proofreading

Blurb Writing

Need a polished blurb for your back cover or online book description? We can help.

Cost: Starting at $150 for one blurb (300 words or less), including two round of revisions. $25 for each additional round of author-requested rewrites or revisions.


Basic formatting for print and eBooks, ideal for authors who are self-publishing via online sellers such as Amazon and B&N.

Cost: Print and eBook files starting at $150, including one round of revisions. $25 for each additional round of author-requested changes and additions, such as changes to correct errors in the originally submitted manuscript, front, and back matter.

Author Consulting​

Need some hand-holding to get your first book out into the world? Or are you a published author looking to up your game? We'll help get you started.

Cost: starting at $100/hour