Writer of smart and steamy romance!

Join us for a chat with smart and sassy romance author Rowan Rossler!

Tell us a little about yourself – a brief bio, if you will.

The local nerd kid hanging out in the library all day? Yep, that was me! My fascination with books and stories started young but it took many years before I committed to writing my own. In between, I’ve had a career in finance and my current career as a TV producer and writer. TV has been a wonderful training ground for my writing. My company works with the biggest brands and networks and delivers content of the highest quality. Creating at a high standard is the only option and I strive to deliver the best reading experiences to my fans.

What led or inspired you to start writing fiction? And how did you end up choosing your specific genre(s)?

My TV career is all about creating stories so fiction was a natural offshoot. I was never a fan of Harlequin or Hallmark type romance stories—the kiss on the cheek and innuendos. If I’m reading a romance, I want details! The steamier the better. But I also want a decent story amongst the steam. My Rowan Rossler tagline sums up what readers can expect with my work: “Where heat meets heart.” In other words, steam with substance.

What’s your most recent published book? What’s it about?

The Cruiser is book one in The Hustlers Trilogy, an interconnected steamy romance series that follows the lives of three BFF’s. The Cruiser is a jet-set tale of lust, love, and intrigue set on the glittering shores of Monaco during the European yacht show season. When the infamous yacht designer Morgan de Rohan-Chabot hires public relations superstar Vandana Hillman to help him land a lucrative client, they find themselves navigating the choppy waters of desire and a boatload of sexy drama.

I love yachts and the glamorous world surrounding them. One of my best girlfriends lived in Monaco for years and worked as yacht charter broker. I spitballed the idea for The Cruiser in her Monaco apartment.

What has been the most challenging part of being an indie (self-pubbed) author? How have you tackled that challenge?

Consistent marketing and content creation are the biggest challenges. There is only so much time in a day and writing always takes priority. I’ve hired a virtual assistant this fall to help with admin and social media.

What has been the most delightful or fulfilling part of being an author?

The fans! I love it when someone reaches out to tell me how much they have enjoyed my work. Writing is a solitary gig and some days I’m like, “Is anyone going to read this and like it?” But when I get the tingly moments writing scenes, I know in my heart someone else will feel it too.

Tell us a bit about your process. Do you write every day? Do you have a specific coffee shop where you write? Etc. (What’s working for you, in other words?)

I try and write something every day, even on the weekends. It might not be full chapters in my current WIP— I jot down future ideas, I tinker with synopses, or come up with taglines or social media content. It’s words, words, words, all day, every day!

Do you have a favorite review you’ve received, and if so, what do you love about it?

It’s funny with reviews—some people have very little to say, some write a small novella. I personally loved a reviewer who said she took the book with her into the toilet because she didn’t want to put it down! Come on, that’s gold!

What tips do you have for other authors working on their books? Things you’ve learned that you like to share with newer authors?

Hire pro editors, like your team. Your book is a representation of you. Would you show up to a gala event in ripped jeans and sneakers? That would be a big, fat no. Produce and deliver quality work. Don’t skimp on the finishing details. Same goes for professional cover design. Hire a pro and not your aunt (unless she is a pro!). The competition is too fierce these days in self-publishing and mediocrity helps no one in the long run.

What was it like working with Andrea and/or Michele of Two Birds?

The process was streamlined and efficient. I’m not an author that needs a lot of hand holding. I have a pretty good sense of when my work is ready for review. But I always look forward to editing—the collaborative effort to elevate my work to the next level is so satisfying.

How did you end up choosing to work with us? What is the most helpful tip you can offer to authors who, like you, want to find the right editor for their books?

I think I came across your names on a Facebook forum and did a cold reach out. I liked your vibe and it’s worked out. My first editing experience wasn’t so hot, and your team set the bar much higher. Thank you!

Where can authors and readers connect with you, and find your books?

To connect with me, the one stop shop is here:

You can subscribe to my newsletter, browse my website or connect with me on the social media of your choice.

To find my books: The Cruiser has recently gone wide, meaning readers can purchase it on all reader platforms, including Google, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Is there anything we haven’t asked but that you’d like to add?

Yes! Book two in The Hustlers Trilogy is slated for an early 2023 release. I am LOVING this story. The chemistry and connection between the duo are off the charts. I can’t reveal too much, but it is a reverse age gap (younger man, older woman…hello!) with some sexy intrigue layered in.

I can hardly wait to start teasing this baby out! The trailer looks uh-mazing!

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