Western Author Extraordinaire

Each month we’ll be spotlighting one of our authors and for our first feature we’re happy to introduce you to Monty Garner, western author! We’ve been working with Monty for a while now and are so excited for him and his budding writer career. We asked him a few questions about his writing and here’s what he had to say.

Tell us a little about yourself – a brief bio, if you will.

I’m a lifelong Okie and live in Choctaw, Oklahoma. I’m married and have two children and four grandchildren. I like to travel and spend time at the lake catching fish.

What led or inspired you to start writing fiction? And how did you end up choosing your specific genre(s)?

I’ve always read western books and love the splendor of the old west. I love picking up a good western and not be able to put it down until I’m finished. I never had an interest in other genres of books, so one day I told my wife, “I’m going to write a western book.” Two months later I had a rough draft manuscript.

What’s your most recent published book? What’s it about?

My latest book is, Card, Taking Care of Business. (Affiliate link). It’s the third book of the Card Jordan series. A young man’s quest to settle down and stop hunting outlaws brings on different circumstances. Rustlers are stealing his cattle while he is getting a new cattle shipping business up and running. His friend is murdered, and Card has to find the murderers and stop the ruthless men stealing his cattle.

What has been the most delightful or fulfilling part of being an author?

The accomplishment of seeing that first printed book is inspiring. I never dreamed that I would sell the number of books that I have, although that was not all by myself. I’ve had lots of help in accomplishing my dreams. Andrea and Michele are a part of the credit for my success.

Tell us a bit about your process. Do you write every day? Do you have a specific coffee shop where you write?

I’m an early riser. My writing time is in the early mornings, like 4:00 A.M. I stay disciplined with this approach and write every day. When I travel or go to the lake, I have my computer and write every morning. If I had to give anyone advice, it would be to designate a time, write every day, and have fun.

How did you end up choosing to work with Two Birds?

When I had that first rough, rough, rough draft, I saw Andrea’s name on writer’s organization site. I sent her an email and inquired if her team would be interested in editing for me. I honestly thought they would reject me, but they didn’t. She wanted a sample of the book to review and then we did a Zoom meeting. I came away from that meeting excited that these awesome people would be taking me on as a client. They have been wonderful to work with and I give them credit for my success. They have pushed me to become a better writer with every book and I appreciate them so much.

What is the most helpful tip you can offer to authors who, like you, want to find the right editor for their books?

I think the best editors are the ones you as a writer feel comfortable with and trust their suggestions. Personally, I like to be pushed to improve my skills and that’s part of our journey of writing.

What tips do you have for other authors working on their books? Things you’ve learned that you like to share with newer authors?

Writing is the easy part. You as an indie author are responsible for everything else and I’d suggest reading what others have to say about self-publishing and outline what will work for you.

Where can authors and readers connect with you, and find your books?

My books are on Amazon, or you can go to my website,

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